Published Poems 1
A Saving
Through the soft, misty rain I see you
I approach with slow, faltering steps
Not sure if I should come near
Memories of the past overwhelm me
Thoughts best left untouched
Even though they sometimes haunt
Suddenly, you turn and smile
All those hurts are somehow not important
As I run to meet you
You wrap me in your warm embrace
And I know, all at once
Those memories can no longer hurt me
As long as your love surrounds me  
Published 1994 “Best Poems of 1995”
Sweetly you smile at me
My intimate friend
I feel I can trust you
You made me laugh again
So calmly you listen to my hurts
Never pushing me away
Never asking for more
For that I’m grateful
Sometimes I feel as if
You can read my thoughts
Maybe that’s why
You listen to well
And have put light
Back into my world

Published 1995 “Best Poems of 1996”
Dearest Sister
Sister lost
Sister found
Sister of blood
Sister of heart
Friends before recognition
Friends we will remain
Over seas
Over plains
Over mountains
Always a part of my heart
Always in my thoughts
Whether in this realm or in another
Always know I love you
For now
For eternity
Sister of heart
Sister of blood
Sister found
Sister lost  

Published 2002 “Under a Quicksilver Moon”