Published Poems 2
As we fall
We are two
Trying to grasp our hands
Swirling colors all around
We are floating
Side by side
Slowly, we pull closer
Closer to each other
Together we try
Together we succeed
As we land
We are one  

Published 1992 “In a Different Light”
Let’s take a trip to Hell
Just to walk through the burning fires
Just to scorch away our sins
Take a book to keep notes
So we know exactly
In which part of Hell we are
For when we return again and again
We don’t go through the same
Smoldering ashes of time and thought
So we can experience a new part of Hell
Always changing
Always different
We may as well
Live Life to its fullest
Even in Death
For we shall be reborn for Eternity
And we shall die for Eternity  

Published 1994 “Outstanding Poets of ‘94”
                                                                                                                               Published 1994 “Tears of Fire”
The garden that weeps wine
Please cry my bitter tears
Let not for me to cry my own
Take the pain for me
Let not for me to feel it
Only give me happiness for myself
Take my tears and my pain
And give me joy  

Published 1993 “Distinguished Poets of America”