Titled Poems 1
I sit in the dark
Memories surround me
Of a time past
When life was carefree
And I had no concerns
When the air and love was pure
When it was easy
To kiss parents good-night
Now life has turned
It has taken
A beloved person from my life
There are times
When once again it is easy to breath
And easy to laugh
But there are always
Those fleeting moments of deep sorrow
That make me shed tears of fire

Sweet surrender
Iíve given you my heart
Love and happiness
A willingness to smile
You said I gave you your smile back
And now youíve stolen mine
You said you gave me your heart
And now youíre crushing mine
You asked if Iíd catch you if you fell
I said yes
And now whoís going to catch me
For I have fallen far  

The tall grass sways gently in the wind
A little girl picks daisies
She walks blissfully
Unaware of all the changes around her
One day she will learn
Really itís too bad
That this world is so cruel