Title Poems 2
Amid the swirling confusion
I must grasp at that tiny hope
That small spark that will make me alive again
Trying not to think of the hurts
Only of the love
Must not give into the demon of depression
Grasping and hoping
To hear again the words I need so much
I love you
To hear again your voice
To see that heart-melting smile
I must not give up
Until I have the truth
Only you can give me that
Only you can stop
The swirling confusion and hurt  

To return to Paradise
Would be a sweet surrender
To always know bliss
Walking through fields of clouds
Never anything going wrong
Always happiness
I have dreams of this
Though in the world we live in
This is near impossible
But there is enough time
For us to try over and over
Eventually we have to get it right
Some day in the future perhaps
Or maybe in a different life
     But the hope is always there 

Angels sing in sweet harmony
As our hearts beat as one
Our love is new
And has yet to grow and nurture
But I feel as if we’re
Being smiled upon
So let us enjoy and savor
Our new found feelings
And look towards the future
With open arms
And open hearts