Titled Poems 3
The memories I have are too many to list
Please just know we miss you already
And we all love you very deeply
Never will you be far from our hearts
As I cry, I remember everything
About you and
almost everything you said
There were times when we fought
But thankful I am that it never lasted long
Know and hold this to your heart
We all will be re-united again
And weíll be together forevermore
You loving daughter  

Peace be with you my beloved father
Why canít you hear my cries?
I reach for you
And youíre not there
I sit up in the dark, disoriented
Then I remember all
Why canít you hear my heart cry?
You must know the pain
Youíve felt it before
Why must you make me feel it too?
What happened to change the peace and bliss?
Why canít you hear my soul cry?
I thought you really cared  

The Dragon
A dragon soars through the air
A long tear falls from its eye
Itís been searching for years
For another of its kind
It has hope in its heart
Even though it knows
Itís the last that will ever be
And that is why it sheds that tear