Titled Poems 4
Twisting and writhing
Waking in a cold sweat
Plagued by demons
Not knowing
If you are surviving
Not knowing
If you are happy
Not knowing
If youíve found someone new
Not knowing
If you know how much I care
Wonít you please stop these demons
From eating my soul  

What would you do
If I fell in love with you?
Would you turn me away
At the door of your heart?
Or would you let me enter
Into that secret place?
You tell me you donít want more
And, really, I donít either
But sometimes I feel
As if it could be
Iím afraid to voice my thought
For fear youíll turn your back
Iíll never be the first to say
I love you
If ever you want more
Youíll have to approach me
And maybe Iíll be ready
For you and your love  

The Theater
The lights and sounds of stage
Intriguing as they seen
They really are
The smell of grease paint
The noise of the audience
The nervousness
Something about it
Keeps drawing us back
And weíll always return
To act the fools