Titled Poems 5
Bright flowers calling
Bright flowers beckoning
I walk through the field
Savoring each sight
Drinking in sound
Slowly I bend
I pluck a bright flower
And it screams in agony  

Smiles and happiness
Stolen kisses
Exchanged cards
Holding hands
Making love
Enjoying a lazy day
Tickles and teases
But most of all
Remember this
I love you  

Iím so happy
Being special to you
Doing whatever I can
Just to see you smile at me
Making you laugh
Knowing you enjoy life again
You have given my heart wings
Given me so much enjoyment
Made me feel alive again
When did you decide to eclipse our sun
Covering my heart in darkness
But like all shadows
They must melt away
Just so once again our sun can shine on us
So we can bask in the warmth
And our hearts can sing