Untitled Poems 1
Untitled 1
We really are not free
Not free to speak our thoughts
Not free to say hello
Not free to say good-bye
No longer are we innocent
Innocent from life
Innocent from the world
Innocent from our own thoughts
Why must we conform?
Why do we walk the same path?
Why are we who we are?  

Untitled 2
The witching hour has arrived
Help me, save me
It has sprung
Evil lurking
Evil watching
In that dark shadow
Around this dark corner
It is lurking
It is watching
Help me, save me
It has begun  

Untitled 3
Iím so happy to see you
Did you know
That once I loved you
You didnít, did you?
You didnít even know I existed
Well, surprise, I did
And now, guess what?
I donít love you anymore
Untitled 4
Youíre so sweet
Leading me around
Holding my hand
Talking to me
Listening to me
Praising me
Kissing me  

Untitled 5
Iíll wait for you
If youíll wait for me
I know some day
That Iíll meet you again
Maybe theyíll be under different circumstances
Who knows, maybe weíll see each other
And realize what we missed
The first time around  

Untitled 6
Iím swimming in an invisible sea
Everything floating by me
I reach out
Trying to touch everything
I canít grasp anything
Iím trying to get to the surface
Reaching, stretching
Finally, I break the surface
And gasp for air