Untitled Poems 10
Untitled 37
Through Life and Spirit
All things are possible
With the passage of Time
There is always Hope
And with the phases of the Moon
Our Love has been found
The swell and ebb of the Ocean
Has seen our Love blossom
And the changing Seasons
Shall see our love grow  

Date Unknown
Untitled 38
So many miles away
I know it is for but months
So why does it feel so much longer?
I never thought I could love again
Yet youíve shown me
What an open, caring man can make me feel
Should I be glad youíve shown me how to care again?
Or will I have to shield my heart again?  

Untitled 39
Silvery as a whisper in the wind, my kiss flutters across the great Seine
Wild as the untamed jungles, my heart beats its rhythm of love
Soft and warm spring rain, my lips smile in thought of you
Joyful as a robinís first flight, my soul has been touched by yours
Warm as a kitten in front of a fireplace, my body tingles in your embrace
Eternal in all time, my love is yours