Untitled Poems 2
Untitled 7
Hey you
Whatís your line?
Donít use it on me
Just talk to me straight
Who knows
Maybe, youíll find
Someone you like  

Untitled 8
Darkness settles on the land
Out of the mist
There comes a bright light
I follow it
In hopes that Iíll find what it is
In hopes that Iíll find you
No, all it is
Is a will-o-the-wisp  

Untitled 9
A lizard suns itself on a rock
A hawk swoops down
And now the lizard wonít
Ever see the sun again
Untitled 10
That one-celled thing
Crawled from the ocean
Itís to blame
For starting man-kind
Untitled 11
I was here
I was there
You were here
You were there
So where is everybody else?

Untitled 12
The fires of Hell burn
That bright beacon of light
Beckoning to al my friends who believe