Untitled Poems 3
Untitled 13
A field of flowers
A field of dreams
A field of fun
Maybe we can find
This field together  

Untitled 14
My poems are short and sweet and to the point
So what if I canít write a 50 line ode to you  

Untitled 15
Youíre my heart
Iím your soul
And together united
We are one  

Untitled 16
A small and dejected girl sits in the dark by herself
She weeps hot, bitter tears
She knows not where everybody it
Will she ever understand?
Who will explain?
Not I, for I wouldnít be able to bear
The pain of her weeping heart  

Untitled 17
A gentle breeze caresses a face
A face that is alone
One who hasnít known love
A tear slowly falls
For all it has missed
The breeze carries the tear away
For the face will know
Love in a few days  

Untitled 18
Color gently rains
Washing away pallor
I stretch to catch the drops
They fall in my cupped hands
When my hands are full
I drink the rain
Slowly a smile appears
Along with a blush