Untitled Poems 5
Untitled 22
Gently flows the rain down
Sitting I am in the middle
My face upward rising
Rain away washing
Sadness traces away
Suddenly shines the sun
Bringing joy forth
Stay for always with me
Sun bright and warm
Coaxing always a smile
Joy remind me of
Sadness behind remain  

Untitled 23
Sweet as an angel singing
Deep as the ocean blue
Timeless as eternal life
This is my love for you
It may not be what you want
This is just a way
To let you know
I care deeply for you
I would like for you to return my love
But, if you canít
Iíll be here for you
When you are ready
Perhaps not now
Or even in this life
But there will always be

Untitled 24
A lost soul seeks an escape
A way to save two innocent children
From the evil
For them not to grow up haunted
By bitter memories
But only joyous days
To allow them to romp and play
Not to be pursued by the evil
Some days look dark
As though evil shall win
Beware evil
For a Fatherís love shall prevail
And the innocents will be with love and goodness
Where they belong, forevermore