Untitled Poems 6
Untitled 25
Catch that spark of hope
Be reborn
Come alive again
Immersing into one’s joy
Even though at this time
We’re not physically one
Our souls are joined
As our hearts
Each aching for the other
Soon we shall embrace again
And allow the warmth of love
To ease and comfort
Our crying hearts
And when that day comes
It won’t be soon enough  

Untitled 26
Colliding worlds
Spinning out of control
Nightmares and dreams
Plaguing our sleep
Villains and Super Heroes
Fight ongoing battles
While the spirits
And mythical creatures
Try to save the world
Through magic and powers unheard of
However, the world and its creatures
Can only be saved by Love  

Untitled 27
Lost in a maze of feelings
Not knowing which way to turn
Like an experimental rat
Confused and dazed
Falling in love
I feel the frustration
Of not being able to
Express how I love you
Missing you
Not seeing you
Not talking to you