Untitled Poems 7
Untitled 28
I miss you
I wish to talk to you again
To walk hand in hand
To hug you when youíre feeling sad
To cuddle with you
I miss the warmth and security of being with you
Why must you confuse me?
What happened to your love?
I fell in love with you without meaning too
But it felt right
And now where are you
When I need you to hold me
To show me you love me too   

Untitled 29
In many other verses
I speak of finding fields and dreams together
In you, I found them
I treasured them
And all the time weíve had together
Until one day I awoke in a dream
I reached for you and you werenít there
Now Iím running against
Depression and pain
Searching for the man I love
Hoping to see your face
To hear your voice
To hold your hand
Hoping to find your love again  

Untitled 30
You opened the door to your heart
You gave me the key to let me enter
You made me feel unafraid
So I let you have my heart
Now youíre slamming your door
And my heart is bleeding
You showed me what love really is
Why are you shutting me out all of the sudden?
I donít now if I said anything wrong
I donít know if I did something to scare you
But wonít you answer my pleas
And tell me whatís changed
How can I love anyone other then you?