Untitled Poems 8
Untitled 31
There was once a time
Not so long ago
When I loved you
I was good to you
You used my love to hurt me
Now you only anger me
You will always hold
A place in my heart
But never shall
   I love you again  

Untitled 32
I have questions
Burning in my soul
But how can I voice them
Knowing where I stand in your heart
Iím scared
So scared of losing what we have
So scared of losing you
Do I ever have a right
To think the questions I do?
Please hear my heart and soul ask
And answer all my questions  

Untitled 33
You keep making them
What am I to believe?
Iíve heard so many in the past
All of them broken
Not by you
But by others
Always when one was broken
It felt as if my heart was breaking too
Are you eventually going to crush my heart?
Whether it be deliberate or no
What can I believe to be truth?
How much should I care?