Untitled Poems 9
Untitled 34
I know what I am to your heart
Will I ever be more?
Iíll never be the first
To let you know how I feel
Will there ever be a day when you say
I love you
Only when you say it, will I
Iím scared
I donít want to be hurt again
Only after you voice your care
Will I feel safe enough to do the same
No matter how I feel now 

Untitled 35
Mass confusion and hurt
Should I feel hurt?
Should I feel betrayal?
Only you can tell me how I should feel
There are things we need to say
I need to know how you feel
I need to know your plans
Iím afraid Iím beginning to care
Perhaps too much
I need to know
Do you care too?
Youíre probably as confused as I
Perhaps even more
Life has suddenly taken a turn
Not for the worse
But a turn none-the-less
How are you going to follow this turn?
Untitled 36
Missing you
I know we are but lovers
Somehow you found
A hole in the wall
Around my heart
You donít even realize it, Iím sure
But, never-the-less, you did
Itís been so long since
Iíve seen your sweet, smiling face
Will I ever have the chance again?
I hope someday soon I will
And until then all I can do
Is miss you